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September 2014 Photo of the Month

The northbound Centennial Passenger Excursion special approaches Endion Depot on July 28th, 1984. After being moved south to Canal Park several years ago, Endion Depot has been renovated and reopened this summer as a cider house, almost 30 years after this photo was taken.  For more on the Excursion, see the Summer issue of the Ore Extra.

2014 Convention Group

2014 convention group photo at Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.

DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars

Below is Cyril's revised article from Ore Extra 26-4 in PDF format.  Again our deepest apologies to Cyril for the errors in the original article. We hope you enjoy it.  File is approx 5 megs in size and depending on your internet connection it could take a while to download.


Spring 2014 Ore Extra


In This Issue:

• Fireman Herb W. Halverson’s Timebooks

• D&IR Depot at Waldo Scratch-built Model

• DM&IR Caboose C-193

• DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars

Bruce Meyer CD Volume #3 "The Yards"


The third part of the Meyer Collection series focuses on the Missabe's Yards with 674 photos.  A substantial part of the book is on Proctor Yard, but Duluth, Endion Yard, Two Harbors, Biwabik, Virginia and Mitchell Yard are also visited.  The locomotive types are the 0-8-0 and 0-10-0 switchers, Union, Consolidation, Mikado, Santa Fe, Texas, 2-8-8-2 Mallet, Yellowstone and Pacific.  There are also a few SD-9s, Cabooses and ore cars.
The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually.  The book works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/VISTA) and Macs.


MRHS Clean Team Press

Cleaning the 227 (L to R: Greta Schauer, Carter Mavec, Tessa Schauer)

The annual Clean Team event yesterday drew some nice press in the Duluth News Tribune. There were some additional photos that appeared in the print version. A big thank you to all the volunteers that were able to help out!


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