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June 2015 Photo of the Month:

A C&NW crew with a UP power set prepares to couple onto a loaded all-rail taconite train at Saunders on the Interstate Branch during March 1984. DM&IR had pulled the train clear of the switch after dropping their caboose, C-225, west of the junction. The ore train is running from Minntac to Geneva Steel in Utah by way of C&NW and UP.


MRHS Board Meeting

The MRHS Board will meet Saturday, June 27th at 10:00am in the board room of the Duluth Depot.  All members are welcome.

N Scale Railroading


The current issue of N Scale Railroading features a cover article from MRHS member Bill Edgar on Missabe's SD9 and SD18 fleets. Regardless of your modeling scale, the article includes a great deal of information and photos of the various features of the DM&IR units for any modeler. Check it out at your local hobby store. 



The Bruce Meyer Collection - Photo CD “Steam Locomotive Closeups”



The fourth part of the Meyer B&W Negative Collection series focuses on close-ups and detail shots of DM&IR steam locomotives with 460 photos.  The images are presented by wheel arrangement, starting with the lead truck (none, two or four), followed by the driving wheels, then the rear truck (none, two or four) and finally by locomotive number.

The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually.  Photos an be printer out and works on both Mac and Windows.

CD Prepared exclusively for the MRHS by PrairieWorks.


Spring 2015


In This Issue:

• Erie Mining F9s 4210 & 4214

• The DM&IR’s Final Diesel Purchase Study

• Reflective Signs for Sale

• MRHS 2015 Convention

• Changes in MRHS Membership

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