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December 2014 Photo of the Month: 

The MRHS's SD-M 316 leads SD18 193 through Lakeside on April 6, 2013 with a long train of empty coal hoppers that had been stored along the shore. Photo by Chris Rengo.

Steam Locomotive - White Lettering - late steam era #26


Available Scale: HO Scale

Price: $6.00 postpaid

Color: White lettering on black locomotive

Models Available: Correct brass models exist from various importers. No correct plastic models exist.


Fall 2014 Ore Extra


In This Issue:

• 2014 Convention Recap

• Lease DM&IR Locomotives

• D&IR Stock Cars

2015 DM&IR Veteran Employees Association Wall Calendar


The DM&IR Veteran Employees’ Association 2015 wall calendar is now ready for ordering. There are two calendar sizes and they feature a stunning photo by Robert C. Anderson of Texas type 2-10-4 No. 714 shrouded in steam at the Proctor ore thawing plant in November 1959. This calendar is the Vets only fundraiser so please consider ordering today!  Click the photo for printable PDF.


1927 Historical Booklets



The MRHS is pleased to announce our newest offering from the archives collection. This spiral-bound book represents a photocopy of two informational booklets produced in 1927 by the D&IR and DM&N. The D&IR booklet represents 62 pages while the DM&N version is 28 pages for a total of 90 pages. Both booklets feature detailed information on history, operations and equipment, plus employee welfare components of each railroad as of 1927. A number of early photographs and maps are also included.  


2014 Convention Group

2014 convention group photo at Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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