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July 2014 Photo of the Month

Sliver of Light: The Proctor Roadswitch with 403 leading has just departed Proctor for an early evening run to Dock 6. The sun held just long enough. Photo by Dave Schauer taken on June 18th, 2014.

DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars

Below is Cyril's revised article from Ore Extra 26-4 in PDF format.  Again our deepest apologies to Cyril for the errors in the original article. We hope you enjoy it.  File is approx 5 megs in size and depending on your internet connection it could take a while to download.


2014 MRHS Convention


MRHS members, watch your mailbox for convention information. If you haven't already received it, you should be getting it shortly.


The 2014 convention committee invites you to join your fellow MRHS members for what promises to be a very special weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota.


This year’s convention will be held in the Twin Cities. Our convention headquarters is located about a half mile away from Mall of America. This year’s convention has lots of new twists, tours and special guests. This is a convention that we could not have done up north. We have switched up the format this year and you’ll find the convention jammed packed. We will have a full slate beginning Friday night and will continue until Sunday afternoon.


We are so excited for this year’s lineup. We encourage you to book early. With a maximum registration of 100 and the lineup we have, we are anticipating that this convetion may actually sell out. Our very special banquet speaker is long time MRHS member Robert Anderson. Bob has put together some incredible images from his collection that he has picked out special for this convention. He will be sharing his thoughts of his time up on the Range.

A Message from the MRHS President


As President of the Missabe Railroad Historical Society, I would like to issue a public apology to Mr. Cyril Durrenberger for errors made in his recent article in the latest Ore Extra Volume 26:4.  Cyril’s article on DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars was edited without his consent and several errors were made in the article that was published.  Additionally photos were made smaller than they should have been making it hard for the reader to see the details Cyril had intended to show.  We are taking steps to insure this type of error does not happen again.  We value all of our contributing authors and understand the time and dedication it takes to provide our readers the highest quality publication possible.  It will be our intent to post Cyril’s complete article with all photos, drawings and other diagrams on our website at Missabe.com within the next week.  What makes our society great, is because people like Cyril and our other authors take the time to share with us all their incredible knowledge of the DM&N, D& IR, and DM&IR so that we all can have a better understanding of the railroad we all love so much.  Again my deepest apologies to Cyril


Brian Hoag, President

Missabe Railroad Historical Society  

Spring 2014 Ore Extra


In This Issue:

• Fireman Herb W. Halverson’s Timebooks

• D&IR Depot at Waldo Scratch-built Model

• DM&IR Caboose C-193

• DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars

Bruce Meyer CD Volume #3 "The Yards"


The third part of the Meyer Collection series focuses on the Missabe's Yards with 674 photos.  A substantial part of the book is on Proctor Yard, but Duluth, Endion Yard, Two Harbors, Biwabik, Virginia and Mitchell Yard are also visited.  The locomotive types are the 0-8-0 and 0-10-0 switchers, Union, Consolidation, Mikado, Santa Fe, Texas, 2-8-8-2 Mallet, Yellowstone and Pacific.  There are also a few SD-9s, Cabooses and ore cars.
The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually.  The book works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/VISTA) and Macs.

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