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October 2014 Photo of the Month: 209 on the Limestone North

It's the third fall since CN took over the Missabe and plenty of maroon still was to be found. The afternoon limestone heads north over the switch at North Coons with 58 loads for Minntac with DMIR 209 leading a pair of tunnel motors. Photo by Kevin Madsen taken on Oct. 2, 2006.

1927 Historical Booklets



The MRHS is pleased to announce our newest offering from the archives collection. This spiral-bound book represents a photocopy of two informational booklets produced in 1927 by the D&IR and DM&N. The D&IR booklet represents 62 pages while the DM&N version is 28 pages for a total of 90 pages. Both booklets feature detailed information on history, operations and equipment, plus employee welfare components of each railroad as of 1927. A number of early photographs and maps are also included.  


Summer 2014 Ore Extra


In This Issue:

• Fireman Herb W. Halverson’s Timebooks Part 2

• The Centennil Passenger Excursion

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2014 Convention Group

2014 convention group photo at Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul, Minnesota.

DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars

Below is Cyril's revised article from Ore Extra 26-4 in PDF format.  Again our deepest apologies to Cyril for the errors in the original article. We hope you enjoy it.  File is approx 5 megs in size and depending on your internet connection it could take a while to download.


MRHS Clean Team Press

Cleaning the 227 (L to R: Greta Schauer, Carter Mavec, Tessa Schauer)

The annual Clean Team event yesterday drew some nice press in the Duluth News Tribune. There were some additional photos that appeared in the print version. A big thank you to all the volunteers that were able to help out!


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