Existing and Preserved Structures

All photos by Jeff Borne unless otherwise stated.

Namesort descending Notes Location Image
Alborn Bridge The bridge goes over the BNSF mainline and is a remnant of the Coleraine Branch to the western Mesabi. Alborn, MN
Biwabik Depot The simplified depot is located next to the yard and is a VFW. Biwabik, MN
Biwabik Engine House The enginehouse is used by the MOW department. Biwabik, MN
Cloquet River Bridge The bridge, formally double-tracked, is in service and located just south of County Highway #7 on County Road #694 (Center Line Road). Burnett, MN
Duluth Ore Dock 5 This ore dock has been out of service since the 1980s. West Duluth, MN
Duluth Ore Dock 6 The ore dock is still in service in west Duluth. Photo by Jeff Borne. West Duluth, MN
Duluth Union Depot The former union depot, in downtown Dluth, houses the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and other community organizations. Duluth, MN
Edna G Tugboag The restored tugboat is not far from the Two Harbors depot and near Ore Dock #1. The vessel is occasionally open for tours. Two Harbors, MN
Elmer Bridge The bridge at Elmer crosses the St. Louis River and is a remnant of the Coleraine Branch to the western Mesabi. Used as part of an ATV trail. Elmer, MN
Ely Depot The former D&IR depot is alongside the abandoned right-of-way in downtown Ely. Is occupied by an outfitter business. Ely, MN
Ely Enginehouse The former D&IR 4-stall enginehouse near the abandoned right-of-way in downtown Ely close to the depot. Is occupied by a construction company Ely, MN
Endion Depot The former D&IR depot was moved from its original location on the Lakefront Line to the Canal Park area near downtown Duluth. Is occupied by a business. Canal Park, Duluth, MN
Eveleth Depot The former depot is in its original location, but now is occupied by an environmental mediation business. Located along Fayal Road in southwest side of town on highway leading out. Eveleth, MN
Eveleth Freighthouse The freighthouse is located immediately south of the Eveleth depot. Eveleth, MN
High Grade Yard Enginehouse The structure is used by a business. Bovy, MN
Highland Scale The scale weights loaded trains before arriving in Two Harbors. Car numbers are read with a rare "Automatic Car Identification" scanner. Highland, MN
Iron Junction Office The former dispatching office is located in the north side of the small town of Iron. Iron Junction, MN
Kelsey Bridge The bridge over the White Face River was once double-tracked. Located about 100 feet west of County Highway #7. Kelsey, MN
Knife River Depot The abandoned depot is in its original location alongside the Lakefront Line (Duluth - Two Harbors). Knive River, MN
Mitchell Enginehouse The enginehouse is being used by an artist working in metal. The structure is rather dilapidated with a leaking roof. Mitchell, Hibbing, MN
Oliver Bridge The 2,180' Oliver Bridge over the St. Louis River was the Missabe's connection to Superior, Wisconsin. It is a double-decked structure for railroad and road traffic, and can be reached in the extreme west end of Duluth be heading east on Minnesota Highway #39. Oliver, WI
Proctor Backshops The buildings were once used for heavy repair of steam locomotives. Originally brick-faced, some of the sides have been covered with sheet metal.
Proctor Car Shop The car shop is located on the west side of the yard.
Proctor Diesel Shop The diesel shop is still used for some locomotive repair.
Proctor Roundhouse The roundhouse is mainly used for storage.
Proctor Roundhouse (DM&N) The roundhouse is near the back shops.
Proctor Scalehouse The scalehouse is located in the north end of the yard and can be seen from the St. Louis River Rd bridge.
Proctor Yard Office The yard office is located just south of the diesel shop and roundhouse along Railroad Avenue.
Saginaw Depot The unused depot is in its original location alongside the Missabe Division mainline and Saginaw Road about a mile east of Minnesota Highway #33.
Steelton Enginehouse The Missabe's first diesel servicing facility is located next to Steelton Yard in the west end of Duluth in the east side of Gary-New Duluth
Tower Depot The depot is located on-site, occupied b the Tower-Soudan Historical Society.
Two Harbors Depot The depot is in its original location near the ore docks. It is used by the Lake County Historical Society and is the repository for the Missabe Railroad Historical Society archives.
Two Harbors Ore Docks Ore Docks #1 and #2 are in service. The smaller Dock#6 is abandoned with approach trestle removed.
Wales Section House The section house is located on the east leg of the wye.
Wilpen Depot The depot is relocated to Ironworld Discovery Center across Highway #169 from Chisholm. The station name was changed to "Glen". Photo by Pete Bonesteel.
Winton Depot The former D&IR depot is located in the center of town, east of Main St. Is occupied by a feed business/post office.