November 2012


Daily Afternoon Limestone Photo by Kevin Madsen. DM&IR 209 North blasts past Coons Siding, approaching Saginaw, MN on March 23, 2002. The 8000 HP set consisting of a 38 and 2 tunnel motors was the regular power for the afternoon limestone, with the SD-Ms probably heading up to Keenan for assignment. The scene here at North Coons looks pretty much the same now, but CN assigns usually 12,000 hp to the limestone runs to Minntac and they don't always run in the consistent afternoon slot. I chased this 209 North all the way to the Range. In the over ten years that has passed since shooting this slide, can't remember why I chased this all way to Iron Jct. Perhaps I knew the Conrail all-rail was up there or maybe because nothing else was happening and the 209 was always one of my favorite units on the Missabe roster.