Missabe on the Clinchfield

Shared this post courtesy of Robert Graham. Many of us know that during seasonal slow downs the Missabe would lease locomotives to the Great Northern and Soo Line. They also would send some of their SD's to the Rock Island and Detroit Toledo and Ironton. In this image Bob captured Missabe SD18 191 on the Clinchfield a well known Appalachian coal hauler. The following is Bob's write up.

"This stretch of bitter cold reminds me of a similar one 40 years ago when I planned a weekend trip to go up and shoot the Clinchfield, particularly in hopes of seeing leased Duluth Missabe & Iron Range SD9 & SD18 units the rumor mill had talked about. The Clinchfield RR seemed to be always short on power, and during the winter of 1977, they leased 4 SD9 & SD18 from ore hauler DM&IR, whose operations were slowed in winter by seasonal Great Lakes freezing and halting lake boats from moving ore. DM&IR power was seen in a lot of places in winter in those days, and in 1977, that included the Clinchfield. The DM&IR SD's were very comfortable this bright sunny, December morning in Erwin TN. The overnight low had been below zero and it rose to a balmy 10 deg during the day. But in those days, when the CRR engine facility was a stub-ended affair on the east side of the yard in Erwin, all you had to do was be there, as the CRR hostlers continuously moved power in and out of the servicing tracks. And, as seen in my view made Dec 10, 1977, the DM&IR SD's looked right at home in Erwin rubbing shoulders with other heavy-haul EMD's"


Post courtesy of Robert Graham.