May 2012


DM&IR 222 and 316 head over the MP60 detector and past the abandoned depot at Forbes with a T-Bird empty for Evtac. The depot looks about the same now compared to this view from nine years ago. The T-Birds not so much. It is classic, late Missabe with left handed running on well maintained track and clean non-turbos with an endless string of ore cars trailing behind. But, all is not all is well with the Missabe in this April 2003 view. A month later in May, Evtac would shut down ending the T-Birds and cutting the MIssabe's tonnage in half, setting the stage for GLT to unload the Missabe to CN. Things weren't bright for the 222 either as this former J unit is seeing its last month of service on the railroad. It was pulled from service by the end of the month to be a parts supplier and would be scrapped in Proctor. Of course the rest of the story is that Evtac would eventually reopen as United Taconite by the time CN took over a year later. Longer T-Birds live on under CN onwership now hauled by pairs of GE Dash 8s and remains an interesting and unique operation today. Photo by Kevin Madsen.