Photo of the Month

June 2015

A C&NW crew with a UP power set prepares to couple onto a loaded all-rail taconite train at Saunders on the Interstate Branch during March 1984. DM&IR had pulled the train clear of the switch after dropping their caboose, C-225, west of the junction. The ore train is running from Minntac to Geneva Steel in Utah by way of C&NW and UP. 

May 2015

DM&IR’s steam powered tug Edna G rests at her dock in Two Harbors circa 1970s. Edna G was the last steam powered tug operating in the Great Lakes and today is open for tours courtesy of the Lake County Historical Society. From the MRHS archives.

April 2015

On February 19th, 1998 the Missabe 400 is resting near the Two Harbors yard office with the lights of Dock 2 in the distance. Photographed by DM&IR conductor Franz Von Reidel.


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