Photo of the Month

May 2016

DM&IR SD40-3s 404 and 402 lead a train of taconite through Fairbanks Minnesota on October 7, 1996 on the way to Two Harbors. 404 and 402 are both less than a year old in their current version at the time of the photo, having been delivered to the DM&IR in January 1996. Both were rebuilt from Southern Pacific SD45T-2 "tunnel motors" by Helm. The Missabe would eventually roster 20 similar units with many surviving into the CN era. Photo by Steve Glischinski.

April 2016

DM&IR General Manager and Vice President Don Shank passes a golden spike to Foreman Jim Oswald to celebrate the completion of relaying ribbon rail on the Iron Range Division on September 3, 1976. DM&IR photo, MRHS collection.

March 2016

Recently purchased (1975) DM&IR SD38-2s 213 and 209 pose on the Cloquet River Bridge at Burnett for a publicity shot in 1978 for the Missabe's annual calendar. DM&R photograph, MRHS archives collection.

February 2016

Extra South 174 passes through Waldo with its destination of the arrival yard in Two Harbors only minutes away on a sunny August 2, 1975. Shortly after this location, the mainlines will split and the train will take the steeper southbound main into town. In less than 5 years, lead engine DM&IR SD18 174 will be chosen to start the SDM rebuilding program at Proctor and emerge as DM&IR 301. The boxcars on the right are at the J.C. Cambell lumber mill, which opened in 1964. Photo by Steve Glischinski. 

December 2015

Double Track and Brakeshoe SmokeDMIR 223 leads a SD40-3 and a SD38 down Proctor Hill as they pass the approach to 40th Ave. in Duluth back 13 years ago on Dec. 8, 2002.The regulars make a bit of smoke as brake for the bottom of the grade passing the searchlight on the still double tracked Proctor Hill. This wasn't the real classic Missabe with such things as high hoods, more smoke, and more left handed running, but the final years of independence were still cool to shoot. 


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