Photo of the Month

March 2017

SD38AC 207 and two sister units lean into the curve at Allen Junction with a train of northbound taconite empties heading back to the Iron Range from Two Harbors on February 1, 1976. Doug Buell photograph.

January 2017

SDM 306 leads sister 319 and a train of gondolas eastbound across Holman Bridge between Taconite and Marble on their way back to Keenan. The cars had hauled used railroad ties to the Braxton Company which had a tie-chipping plant on the site of the old DM&IR High Grade Yard in Bovey. The chips were then sent to Blandin Paper in Grand Rapids for fuel. October 23, 1993. Steve Glischinski photograph.

December 2016

DM&IR SDMs 318 & 319 with about 50 cars passing a corn field east of Colfax, WI on the Wisconsin Central on September 25, 1992. Non-union employees were practicing train handling in the event of a walkout by union employees. Doug Buell photograph.


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