Photo of the Month

November 2018

During the shipping season of 1955, the DM&IR tested EMD's SD9 locomotive. EMD 5591 was painted in what became the Missabe's second diesel paint scheme with a unique herald applied to the side of the cab. This demonstrator proved successful as the railroad placed an order for 10 SD9s for delivery in 1956 (101-110). This unit came back to the Missabe as DM&IR 110 and was sent to the B&LE in 1967. Of note is the non standard fuel tank with what appears to be EMD applied weights to get this engine to 387,000 pounds on driver.

June 2018

A crew poses with Duluth, Missabe & Northern 2-8-0 Consolidation in front of the Proctor back shops. The locomotive was purchased in 1904 and was only on the DM&N for 15 years before it was sold to Oliver Iron Mining to serve the iron ore mines directly. MRHS Archives


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