Ore Extra

The Back Issues are available in full volume sets (four issues per volume). Earlier volumes are photocopies, while more recent volumes are original copies.

Ore Extra Volume 3

Ore Extra 2-2

Volume 3 - set of copies

Vol 3, No. 1 Modeling a Missabe ballast car, tips on improving various models to fit DM&IR, convention recap.

Vol 3, No. 2 Car Northland, extended vision cabooses, Orinoco braking system.

Vol 3, No. 3 News, SW-9 model conversion, iron ore deposit background.

Vol 3, No. 4 DM&IR logo development, Chisholm depot plans, railroads and ore hauling, C-3 Consolidations.

Price: $4.00

Ore Extra Volume 2

Ore Extra 2-2

Volume 2 - set of copies

Vol 2, No. 1 The "Hill" mallets Nos. 200-211, caboose painting information.

Vol 2, No. 2 MRHS modular layout info and plans, Missabe trivia, bunk house drawings.

Vol 2, No. 3 Modeling notes for a "Hill" mallet, ACF center-flow hoppers, gondola lettering diagram.

Vol 2, No. 4 Building the Spirit Lake Line, former Missabe diesels on other roads, 70 years at Iron Junction.

Price: $4.00

Ore Extra Volume 1

Ore Extra 1-1
Ore Extra 1-2 Ore Extra 1-3Ore Extra 1-4

Volume 1 - set of copies

Vol 1, No. 1 Locations of preserved steam locomotives, news & views, miscellaneous Missabe trivia.

Vol 1, No. 2 Pulpwood Gondola end extensions, 0-10-2 "Union" Steam Locomotives.

Vol 1, No. 3 Pulpwood flat cars, 2-10-2 "500s"

Vol 1, No. 4 SD9 phase one modeling conversion, gondola lettering and pulp load, motorcar house drawings.

Price: $4.00


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