Ore Extra

The Back Issues are available in full volume sets (four issues per volume). Earlier volumes are photocopies, while more recent volumes are original copies.

Ore Extra Volume 11

Ore Extra 11-2
Ore Extra 11-4

Volume 11 - set of copies.

Vol 11, No 1 Missabe's rebuilt SD-Ms, modeling Missabe SD-M No. 301, Missabe playing cards.

Vol 11, No. 2 Don Shank interview, high-hood finale, review of Walther's ore dock, Missabe calendars.

Vol 11, No. 3 USS Duluth Works, 1998 Convention recap, side-dump conversion, date nails.

Vol 11, No. 4 Auburn natural ore mine, SD38-2 No. 9002, modeling a Jordan Spreader.

Price: $10.00

Ore Extra Volume 10

Ore Extra 10-2
Ore Extra 10-4

Volume 10 - set of copies

Vol 10, No. 1 Modeling Endion depot, Bulgrin's caboose, Class S5 0-8-0 data sheet, refurbishing Edna G.

Vol 10, No. 2 Missabe's new SD40-3s, recent Missabe model products reviewed, boiler car W-711.

Vol 10, No. 3 Endion Yard, Life-Like SD9 model conversion, preserved cabooses of Proctor.

Vol 10, No. 4 1997 Convention (Duluth/Proctor), painting a Life-Like SD9, Missabe horns, short globe lanterns.

Price: $7.50

Ore Extra Volume 9

Ore Extra 9-1

Volume 9 - set of copies

Vol 9, No 1 Clint Ferner, Edna G. photos, Virginia depot plans/drawings, wide-vision caboose data sheet, MRF.

Vol 9, No. 2 Iron Junction motor car house model/drawings, scanner radios Part I, convention recap.

Vol 9, No. 3 Scanners Part II, Alborn area (info, track diagram), Car Northland data sheet, track warrant forms.

Vol 9, No. 4 Steelton Yard (Ranger reprint), scanners part III, ex-Missabe units return home, society news.

Price: $5.00

Ore Extra Volume 8

Ore Extra 8-3

Volume 8 - set of copies

Vol 8, No. 1 Modeling a ballast car, historical maps, 1974/75 Lakefront Line trips, SD-M rebuild #s, Donara Pit.

Vol 8, No. 2 1990 Convention recap, Missabe news, Modeling an N-scale SD-M.

Vol 8, No. 3 SW-9 model conversion in N & HO, Hull Rust Part I, Class P3 XM Boxcar, HO SD-M model.

Vol 8, No. 4 Hull Rust Part II, modeling a center flow hopper in N scale, ACF center flow hopper data sheet.

Price: $5.00

Ore Extra Volume 6

Ore Extra 6-1

Ore Extra Volume 6 - set of copies

Vol 6, No. 1 Hibbing Part I (maps, mines served, photos).

Vol 6, No. 2 Hibbing Part II (map, memories, photos).

Vol 6, No. 3 Endion Depot is moved, Missabe Division Radios (Ranger reprint), Tower/Soudan history.

Vol 6, No. 4 Modeling Q2/Q5 open top hoppers, Missabe coal towers part 1, Iron Range Div. radios (reprint).

Price: $4.00

Ore Extra Volume 5

Ore Extra 5-2

Ore Extra Volume 5 - set of copies

Vol 5, No. 1 Line construction list, Class C-1 consolidation model, Wales Branch, V5 Gondolas, DM&IR map.

Vol 5, No. 2 Virginia, Minnesota (map, mines served, history, Oliver track plan for crushing plant).

Vol 5, No. 3 Bob Nethercott interview, Biwabik (history, map, mines served).

Vol 5, No. 4 Two Harbors (history, map, photos).

Price: $4.00


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