Ore Extra

The Back Issues are available in full volume sets (four issues per volume). Earlier volumes are photocopies, while more recent volumes are original copies.

Ore Extra Volume 20


Volume 20 - all originals

Vol 20, No. 1 Lake Division of D&IR, Preserved "bobber" caboose, modeling ore test cars, 4 days in May.

Vol 20, No. 2 D&IR and DM&N Emplyee Timetables, 2007 MRHS Convention recap, modeling DM&N V-1 Steel Flat Cars.

Vol 20, No. 3 Missabe on the EJ&E, Memories: Traps on the Missabe, Preserved: Hull-Rust & Alborn Branches, 50 Years Ago in the "Iron Ranger," HO Diesel Rundown.

Vol 20, No. 4 Last Winter for the Maroon & Gold, 1947 Shippers List, Working the North End, Pre-Merger Timetables, Wood Reefer Modeling.

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 19


Volume 19 - all original Vol 19, No. 1 Missabe Wreck of Yellowstone #228, Hinsdale Tunnel, Ely Mainline, Vintage Freight Cars Vol 19, No. 2 Hallett's Burnett Bentonite Operations, 2006 MRHS Convention Recap Vol 19, No. 3 Ore Blending Practices, Rebirth of the 3-Spot, Modeling 4-wheel Cabooses Vol 19, No. 4 SD-38-2 Prototype & Modeling, CTC on DMIR, D&IR Vacation Brochures

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 18


Volume 18 - all originals Vol 18, No. 1 MRHS Marks 25 ears, Auburn Ore on the Lakefront Line, DMIR-DWP 1966 Joint Operation Study Vol 18, No. 2 1961 Illini RR Club Yellowstone Trip, 2005 MRHS Convention re-cap, Glischinski Misabe Memories Vol 18, No. 3 Missabe's SD-38AC fleet, Modeling a SD-38AC, Missabe's Last Winter Vol 18, No. 4 Missabe Passenger Services & Steel Cars (prototype & model), Cliffs Erie update, Growing up in Proctor

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 17

Ore Extra 17-2
Ore Extra 17-3Ore Extra 17-4Ore Extra 17 Supplemental

Volume 17 - all originals

Vol 17 Supplement The Missabe is followed during its last week as an independent railroad.

Vol 17, No. 1 CN Happenings, Western Missabe Mining, Union 0-10-2 #604, N-scale Difco side-dump car.

Vol 17, No. 2 Missabe Locomotives on the CN, MRHS 2004 Convention Recap, Mining Engineer Excursions (Part 4), Missabe Kerosene Switch Lamps, Modeling an HO-scale Missabe Class G1 Gondola.

Vol 17, No. 3 Missabe Memories - 1960 Yellowstone Fan Trip, Missabe & Milwaukee Road All-Rail Ore Trains, Mining Engineer Excursions (Part 5), D&IR Two Harbors Depot.

Vol 17, No. 4 Last Misabe Steam Years, "Land of Short, Stubby Cars &Long Heavy Trains," Missabe Memories.

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 16

Ore Extra 16-3
Ore Extra 16-4

Volume 16 - all originals

Vol 16, No. 1 Last loads from EVTAC, The 1960 DMIR management report, SD-M Finale, Modeling the Proctor Roundhouse

Vol 16, No. 2 2003 Convention in Proctor, 1961 DMIR management report, AIME Excursions, 1973 Highland Accident, business car "Northland"

Vol 16, No. 3 "Missabe Memories," CN takeover of the DM&IR, United Taconite is Born, Taconite to China, AIME Excursions, Mountain Iron Depot

Vol 16, No. 4 "Missabe Memories," "The Night Watchman," RDC modeling, caboose marker lamps, AIME Excursions

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 14

Ore Extra 14-2
Ore Extra 14-3Ore Extra 14-4

Volume 14 - all originals

Vol 14, No. 1 Sixty Years of Yellowstones: All-Yellowstone Issue, Preserved No. 227, HO Yellowstone models

Vol 14, No. 2 Godfrey Underground Mine Parts I & II, Ore Steaming at Proctor, Tall Globe Lanterns, Convention 2001 recap.

Vol 14, No. 3 Minorca E-rail story, Godfrey Mine Part III (final), Recap of 1954, Model P-class boxcar, caboose C-73.

Vol 14, No. 4 Minntac rail operations, Slug 500 story, 1955 management report, Car Roster, new model releases, 2-10-2 No. 506.

Price: $25.00


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