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The Back Issues are available in full volume sets (four issues per volume). Earlier volumes are photocopies, while more recent volumes are original copies.

Ore Extra Volume 26


Vol 24, No. 1 - Vern’s Visits by Vern Wigfiel;Nip and Tuck: Proctor’s BRT Lodge No. 889 by Jim Miller; The Summer of 1963 by Susan Streed Schulz; B&LE Hopper Cars Leased to DM&IR by Dan Holbrook with Patrick C. Dorin.

Vol 24, No. 2 - U.S. Steel Duluth Works - Part 1; Jim Maki’s Virginia Memories; MRHS 2013 Convention Recap.

Vol 24, No. 3 - Car Missabe Restoration Completed; DM&IR 606 at Two Harbors in the 1950s; Missabe Tender Class ID Plates; D&IR and DM&N Summers Ore Cars; U.S. Steel Duluth Works, Part 2.

Vol 24, No. 4 -  Fireman Herb W. Halverson’s Timebooks; D&IR Depot at Waldo Scratch-built Model; DM&IR Caboose C-193; DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars. 

Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 25


Vol 25, No. 1 - Flood 2012; DM&N Class V1 Flat Cars in Maintenance Service; Cinders Across the Arrowhead; Tall Globe Missabe Lanterns, Part 3; DM&N Standard Reel and Hose House.

Vol 25, No. 2 - MRHS 2012 Convention; DM&N Standard Automobile Unloading Platform; Cinders Across the Arrowhead; DM&N Wood Ore Cars.

Vol 25, No. 3 - • Cinders Across the Arrowhead; D&IR and DM&N Steel Ore Cars; Tall Globe Missabe Lanterns, Part 4: The Adams & Westlake Company; Store Room for Car Repair Supplies at Steelton.

Vol 25, No. 4 - Car Missabe Restoration Update; DM&IR’s RDC-3 Budd Car; DM&N Standard Milk Platform with Shed.
Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 24


Volume 24 - All Originals

Vol 24, No. 1 - Wyman Changes; Private Owner Cars on the D&IR and MN&N Part 2; U-Tac Boneyard: Ex-Missabe Passenger Equipment; Modeling the Missabe Junction Station; Riverside Rail Train.

Vol 24, No. 2 - Auxiliary Tenders on the DM&N and DM&IR; Missabe Telephone & Telegraph Department Part 1; U-Tac Boneyard: Ex-Missabe Freight Equipment; 2011 Annual Meeting Summary.

Vol 24, No. 3 - Embarrass, MN: The Missabe's Ice Box; Missabe Telephone & Telephone Department Part 2; The Restoration of DM&IR Yellowstone Mallet 229; Scratch Built G Class Caboose.

Vol 24, No. 4 - Duluth & Northeastern 28: The Life and Times of a Missabe 2-8-0; 


Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 23



Volume 23 - all originals

Vol 23, No 1 - 1976 year in Review Part 2; Modeling DM&IR Water Cars; DM&IR Streamline Passenger Coach Minnesota II; SD-M 316 Update; Clean Team 2010

Vol 23, No 2 - 1976: The year in Review Part 3; Preserved Missabe: Safety Fair Give-A-Ways Part 1; MRHS Convention Recap; Missabe Modeler: Modeling a DM&N Class K Wood Refrigerator Car; SD-M 316 Update.

Vol 23, No 3 - SD-M 316 Update; Missabe on the Rio Grande Part 1; Static Steam: Yellowstones at Two Harbors; Missabe Modeler: Forest product loads on the D&IR, DM&N and DM&IR;

Vol 23, No 4 - 40 Years Ago in the Iron Ranger; Missabe Steam on the Rio Grande Part 2; Private Owner Cars on the D&IR and MN&N; Hunting for Shop Notes and Ducks; Safety Fair Givaways Part 2.


Price: $25.00

Ore Extra Volume 21

Ore Extra 21-1
Ore Extra 21-2Ore Extra 21-3Ore Extra 21-4

Volume 21 - all originals

Vol 21, No. 1 Hibbing & Mitchell, Local Commerce in Hibbing, DM&IR Boxcar #5200, Modeling a D&IR 34-foot boxcar Vol 21, No. 2 Orinoco Straight Air, Missabe Brakeman Time Books, OMI Cabooses

Vol 21, No. 3 SD-M 316 preserved, 40 years ago in the "Iron Ranger," results of MRHS member survey, modeling an ex-EJ&E Mikado

Vol 21, No. 4 40 years ago in the "Iron Ranger," DM&N Board Reports, Testing DW&P SD-40s, Findng Saginaw, modeling V-2 Gondolas

Price: $25.00


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