Sights on the Oliver



Oliver Bridge

Oliver Bridge: The Oliver bridge, although a DM&IR structure, is worthy of note. It spans the St. Louis river to reach the town of Oliver, Wisconsin, also named after company's namesake. The bridge, built with two levels, the top for rail, the bottom for foot and vehicle passage, is still in operation today. Photo by Jeff Borne.

 Track Laying Crane 

Track Laying Crane: The process of mining meant that track was constantly being re-laid. Here, an OIM track crew and crane at work in the Sherman pit.

Extaca Plant

Extaca Plant: Rouchleau plant at Rainy Junction, Virginia, MN, was chosen for experimental taconite development. Here, the Extaca plant expansion begins, as DM&IR power loads empties.

Oliver #518 0-8-0

Oliver #518 0-8-0: Ore cars, handled by Oliver steamer #518, an 0-8-0, are loaded in a pit at Virginia.

Oliver #904 in Frazer Mine

Oliver #904 in Frazer Mine: Oliver diesel 904 has its cars loaded in the Fraser Mine.

Electric Walking Dragline

Electric Walking Dragline: Large walking draglines were used for overburden removal. Photo from Pete Bonesteel Collection. 

Marion Steam Shovel

Marion Steam Shovel: The large steam-powered Marion shovel in the Hull-Rust pit at Hibbing was so large, it sat on two tracks, and could load an ore car with a single scoop.

Electric Loading Shovel

Electric Loading Shovel: Electricity began powering loading shovels starting in 1928 on the Oliver. Photo from Pete Bonesteel Collection. 

Aerial View of Oliver Shops

Aerial View of Oliver Shops: Photo from Pete Bonesteel Collection. 

Oliver Shops in Virginia

Oliver Shops in Virginia: The Oliver's shops at Virginia, MN

Sharon Mine Truck Pocket

Sharon Mine Truck Pocket: A truck dump at the Sharon mine, where ore was loaded directly into DM&IR cars for shipment to the docks.

Oliver in the Hull-Rust Pit

Oliver in the Hull-Rust Pit: Photo from Pete Bonesteel Collection. 

Oliver Whitcomb 65-ton Locomotive

Oliver Whitcomb 65-ton Locomotive: The Oliver used Whitcomb 65-ton locomotives for light duty tasks such as mine track laying. Photo from Pete Bonesteel Collection.