• 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone (M-4 class): PBL Brass
  • 2-10-2 Bachmann


  • SD-9: Atlas, Life-Like (kitbash from SD-7)
  • SW-9: Life-Like
  • RSD-15: Model Power (kitbash)
  • SD-38AC: long hood shell for Kato SD-40 by Mark 4 Design
  • SD-38-2: long hood shell for Kato SD-40-2 by Mark 4 Design
  • SD40-3: Intermountain (not tunnel motor type), Overland
  • SD45-2: Intermountain

Freight Cars

  • Ore Car: Atlas (incorrect style and lettering)
  • Ore Cars: Altas (quad-pack)
  • Wide-vision caboose: Atlas (kitbash)
  • Bay-Window Caboose: Walthers
  • G-1 & G-Class Side door cabooses: PBL Brass
  • Difco Side-Dump Car: Walthers
  • ACF Covered Hopper: Atlas, Model Power

Decals Available


(Microscale website)

  • #60-131: "As Delivered" and "Arrowhead" locomotive schemes. Will do one of each.
  • #60-854: Caboose set
  • #60-1269: "Arrowhead" scheme for modern diesels and includes "Gopher" style lettering.