November 2018

During the shipping season of 1955, the DM&IR tested EMD's SD9 locomotive. EMD 5591 was painted in what became the Missabe's second diesel paint scheme with a unique herald applied to the side of the cab. This demonstrator proved successful as the railroad placed an order for 10 SD9s for delivery in 1956 (101-110). This unit came back to the Missabe as DM&IR 110 and was sent to the B&LE in 1967. Of note is the non standard fuel tank with what appears to be EMD applied weights to get this engine to 387,000 pounds on driver.

February 2018

On a typical snowy and cold February day, SD38-2 213 leads sister engines 203 and 302 southbound through Munger. The northbound mainline track on the left will be ripped out shortly afterwards. February 15, 1987. Mike Cleary photograph.

January 2018

SD38DC 216 and fellow DM&IR engine 129 in its "heritage" scheme are in dynamic braking as they start the descent down Steelton Hill with an all-rail train destined for the Fairfield steel plant outside Birmingham. At Steelton, the train will be handed over to the Wisconsin Central and eventually CSX for movement south. January 19, 1994, Steve Glischinski photograph.


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