Wood Box Cars - steam era #5

SKU: #5

Era: 1937 to 1980's Available Scale: HO Scale Price: $2.50 postpaid Color: White lettering on dark brown car body Models Available: Tichy and Accurail make outside braced 40-foot box cars. MDC makes 40-foot double-sheathed boxcars Application Notes: Going into the 1937 merger, the D&IR owned 40-foot double-sheathed boxcars and the DM&N owned 40-foot outside braced boxcars. The herald was applied to the double-sheathed cars, but owing to the bracing, the herald did not fit on the DM&N cars, and was not applied. The D&IR cars were classed P1, in series 3200. The DM&N cars were classed P2, in the 3300 series.

Price: $2.50