Three New MRHS Archives Products


DM&IR 1992 Condensed Profiles: This book is a 64-page copy of the 1992 DM&IR RY Condensed Profile book, the last Missabe profile book issued before the CN takeover.  All main line tracks and branches are included. Price is $15.00

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DM&IR 1946 Building List: This book is a 72-page copy of the complete 1946 list of Missabe buildings. Building lists are diveded by the two divisions (Missabe & the Iron Range) and are then listed first by towns and then by their assigned building number by the Missabe. Price is $15.00

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DM&N Standard Drawings 1910-1937: This book is a 90-page copy of selected DM&N standard drawings including buildings, signs and more. Price is $20.00

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All three are now available in the MRHS Store under Archives.