SW-9 Diesel #3

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Era: 1953 to 1965 Available Scale: HO Scale Price: $13.00 postpaid. Color: Multi-color herald and lettering on maroon car body. Yellow stripe on maroon car body Models Available: Athearn and Life-Like Proto 2000 in HO. Application Notes: The SW-9 arrived with numbers placed on the yellow stripe on the cab. Later, the large multi-color herald was applied to the middle of the stripe, and the engine numbers were moved to below the herald, now in white.

Price: $13.00

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Decals for SW9

Hello.  I have a question about the decals for  SW-9.  I have an unpainted HO SW-9 that I plan to paint  DM & IR Maroon. Does the decal kit include, all the necesssary yellow striping, "safety first", and numbers to complete this loco? Thanks for your input. Kirk MinerColumbus, OH