Steam Locomotive - White Lettering - late steam era #26

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Available Scale: HO Scale

Price: $6.00 postpaid

Color: White lettering on black locomotive

Models Available: Correct brass models exist from various importers. No correct plastic models exist.

Application Notes: Beginning with the arrival of the Yellowstones in 1941, the Missabe began applying silver lettering and numbers to its steam locomotives. Please refer to a photo of the prototype for decal placement. Be careful - SOME engines received silver lettering, some did not. The Yellowstones DID receive the silver lettering. MRHS does not have record of which other engines received silver, but have included all classes for your use. MRHS does know that some 400-class, 500-class, 600-class, and 1200-class engines did receive silver. Only good color photos offer reliable reference for the color applied. Silver and white look alike in black & white photos. The research of a particular engine may be more difficult than painting and lettering it. If you can verify with certainty that a particular engine was painted in silver, let us know, and MRHS will catalog this information on the MRHS web site.

Price: $6.00