Steam Era Caboose #2

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Era: 1910 to 1960's Available Scale: HO Scale Price: $2.50 postpaid Color: Black lettering on yellow car body Models Available: Some brass models exist of the wood and steel cabooses. No correct plastic models exist Application Notes: This set reflects steam-era lettering for both the wood-side caboose and steel wide-vision caboose through the 1960's. For all versions, the car body is yellow, and roof, running gear, underbody and appliances are black. The large caboose number was applied only to the side of the car, and the small number was applied over the end doors. At first, the caboose carried its number without the "C" prefix. Beginning July, 1939, the "C" was added, but without the dash. Beginning December 1939, the large number was also applied to the cupola end. Beginning January 1942, the dash was added to all caboose numbers. With the arrival of the steel wide-vision cabooses in 1953, the herald was added to the side of the cupola. MRHS is not aware that the black herald was ever applied to the wood cabooses.

Price: $2.50