Sand Cars - HMA and LO #13

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Era: 1965 to present Available Scale: HO Scale only Price: $2.00 postpaid Color: Yellow lettering on maroon car body Models Available: Bowser makes a correct LO, and Walthers makes good ore/tac cars that can be used as a starting point for the HMA cars. Application Notes: Both 2-bay covered hoppers from the Q8 cement hopper series, and HMA ore cars from various U-class series were converted for locomotive sand service. In 1965, the Missabe began converting five ore cars to sand service, giving them special side extensions and a covered-hopper style roof. The decal sheet provides each of the five numbers. In 1972, the Missabe converted four Q8 covered hoppers, 4986-4989, to sand cars.

Price: $2.00