RDC Budd Car Decal Set #10

SKU: #10

Era: 1953 to 1961 Available Scale: HO Scale Price: $2.75 postpaid Color: Black lettering on silver car body Models Available: Life-Like offers a Proto-1000 RDC-3 car that is correct length. Athearn offers an RDC-3, but it is a shortened version of the prototype. Application Notes: This scheme is "as delivered" in 1953, and is spaced correctly for the prototype. If you use an Athearn model "as-is" you will have to cut apart "DULUTH MISSABE & IRON RANGE" and place the letters closer together to fit. After a few years in service, the Missabe added red and white diagonal stripes to both ends of the car, and put the red/green/white round DM&IR herald on each end door. You will need to get these items from other sets.

Price: $2.75