Ore Extra Volume 26


Vol 24, No. 1 - Vern’s Visits by Vern Wigfiel;Nip and Tuck: Proctor’s BRT Lodge No. 889 by Jim Miller; The Summer of 1963 by Susan Streed Schulz; B&LE Hopper Cars Leased to DM&IR by Dan Holbrook with Patrick C. Dorin.

Vol 24, No. 2 - U.S. Steel Duluth Works - Part 1; Jim Maki’s Virginia Memories; MRHS 2013 Convention Recap.

Vol 24, No. 3 - Car Missabe Restoration Completed; DM&IR 606 at Two Harbors in the 1950s; Missabe Tender Class ID Plates; D&IR and DM&N Summers Ore Cars; U.S. Steel Duluth Works, Part 2.

Vol 24, No. 4 -  Fireman Herb W. Halverson’s Timebooks; D&IR Depot at Waldo Scratch-built Model; DM&IR Caboose C-193; DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars. 

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