Ore Extra Volume 25


Vol 25, No. 1 - Flood 2012; DM&N Class V1 Flat Cars in Maintenance Service; Cinders Across the Arrowhead; Tall Globe Missabe Lanterns, Part 3; DM&N Standard Reel and Hose House.

Vol 25, No. 2 - MRHS 2012 Convention; DM&N Standard Automobile Unloading Platform; Cinders Across the Arrowhead; DM&N Wood Ore Cars.

Vol 25, No. 3 - • Cinders Across the Arrowhead; D&IR and DM&N Steel Ore Cars; Tall Globe Missabe Lanterns, Part 4: The Adams & Westlake Company; Store Room for Car Repair Supplies at Steelton.

Vol 25, No. 4 - Car Missabe Restoration Update; DM&IR’s RDC-3 Budd Car; DM&N Standard Milk Platform with Shed.
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