A Message from the MRHS President


As President of the Missabe Railroad Historical Society, I would like to issue a public apology to Mr. Cyril Durrenberger for errors made in his recent article in the latest Ore Extra Volume 26:4.  Cyril’s article on DM&N Class P-1 Box and Automobile Cars was edited without his consent and several errors were made in the article that was published.  Additionally photos were made smaller than they should have been making it hard for the reader to see the details Cyril had intended to show.  We are taking steps to insure this type of error does not happen again.  We value all of our contributing authors and understand the time and dedication it takes to provide our readers the highest quality publication possible.  It will be our intent to post Cyril’s complete article with all photos, drawings and other diagrams on our website at Missabe.com within the next week.  What makes our society great, is because people like Cyril and our other authors take the time to share with us all their incredible knowledge of the DM&N, D& IR, and DM&IR so that we all can have a better understanding of the railroad we all love so much.  Again my deepest apologies to Cyril


Brian Hoag, President

Missabe Railroad Historical Society