DMIR 316 Convention Report - Virginia 2010

[G2:2608 n=0 frame=solid type=randomImage size=500]This past year has been a busy one for the 316. It has been in almost continuous use by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum on their North Shore Scenic Railroad operations substituting for sister Missabe unit 193. The usage of the 316 by the LSRM is part of the storage agreement which allows the MRHS to store our locomotive free of charge at the Museum. It’s a win win for both groups. They have had a operable locomotive to use and we haven’t had to buy fuel or oil yet for the 316!

The big news this past year has been the appropriation of approximately $3800.00 from the Heritage Fund this year to pay for inspection and work replacing a worn out power assembly (a power assembly consist of the piston, liner and head) and one fuel injector. All of the work was performed by Independent Locomotive Services out of Bethal MN. A detailed report of the work will appear in the next issue Ore Extra. Though the cost might seem high, this is preventive maintenance and we should be in good shape for the future. Already we have seen a significantly drop in oil usage as a result of this repair. 

Other work on the 316 involved minor upgrades to the air brake system and new air gauges. Repairs also were preformed to replace one water pump that was leaking and fix a faulty engine protection device. The parts were donated by the area railroads and labor was performed by members of the MRHS and the LSRM. I don’t forsee any major work needing to be performed. Hopefully now we can continue to concentrate on raising money to cosmetically restore the 316. 

I would like to make a short comment about the C-205. This past year the board has decided to let the LSRM who owns the caboose make the final decision about the best way to proceed on restoration. I have talked a little bit to Eddy Symons LSRM’s shop forman but nothing serious has been discussed as to how we should proceed. With it being the LSRM’s busy time of the year currently I hope once the fall rolls around and their operations wind down I can get some more definitive answers.  

I wish I would have kept track volunteer hours have been put in by the many members of the MRHS working on the 316 since its donation. Combined volunteer time I would estimate put in numbers up in the hundreds of hours! Many times due to my schedule on the railroad work is done on the 316 on a last minute basis when time allows. Yet members continue to come out to help. Thank you!

Again thank you for all the support! 

Kent Rengo