Clean Team Thank You

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A big Thank You goes out to those members who participated in our annual clean team event this past Saturday at the railroad museum in Duluth. We were able to clean all key Missabe pieces of equipment and Kent was able to get some good work done on 316.

Those attending included:

Catherine Conlan
Maia Conlan
Dawn Daehn
Jeff Daehn
Toby Peterson
Ken Peterson
Doug Buell
Karen Buell
Ken Buehler
Eric Gust
Woody Wilson
James Maki
Carter Mavec
Todd Mavec
Greg Hafften
Shawn Christie
Andy Koetz
Nicholas Koetz
Sebastian Borges-Koetz
Kent Rengo
Chris Rengo
Ron Erickson
David (Laura, Greta, Tessa, Gus) Schauer

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN