Class V1 and V2 Flat Cars and Gondolas - steam era #4

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Era: 1937 to 1980 Available Scale: HO Scale Price: $2.00 postpaid Color: White lettering on black or dark brown car body Models Available: Several manufacturers offer 40-foot gondolas. Application Notes: Post-merger scheme used into the 1970's. Some cars lasted into the early 1980's. Gondola class V2 series 4100-4199: The Missabe received these cars from the manufacturer in white lettering on black cars in 1941. The scheme remained on some cars into the 1980's. Flat class V1 series 2501-2699: Forty-foot flats with white lettering on dark brown cars. There was not room for the lines above and below DMIR, nor was there room for the herald. They were left off.

Price: $2.00