MRHS frequently get inquiries from people with requests for information about relatives who may have been former employees of the DM&IR, or even simply "the railroad." If you have such questions, first, please be sure the person you are inquiring about actually worked for the Missabe or its predecessors. This is a relatively small railroad, located only in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Many people tell us their grandfather worked for "the railroad," only to find out he worked in Nebraska or some such thing.

If you are certain the person worked for the Missabe or its predecessors, contact The DM&IR Veteran Employees Association. They will only have information about DM&IR (and predecessor) employees, not employees of any other railroad.

Their contact address is:
DM&IR Veteran Employees Association
c/o Aine Merrill
9147 East Moonshine Road
South Range, WI 54874

Write to us at:

506 W. Michigan Street
Duluth, MN 55802
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