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MRHS Clean Team Press

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Cleaning the 227 (L to R: Greta Schauer, Carter Mavec, Tessa Schauer)

The annual Clean Team event yesterday drew some nice press in the Duluth News Tribune. There were some additional photos that appeared in the print version. A big thank you to all the volunteers that were able to help out!


2012 Important Dates


A few dates to make note of in 2012.

The first is our annual clean team at the LSRM on Saturday, May 19. More info will be coming out on this but as is tradition we will meet at the depot at 10A on that day and clean equipment then have lunch. Also, Gene Clark will be looking for a handful of volunteers to help that afternoon in the archives at Two Harbors (you can RSVP to him directly as we get closer)

The second date is our annual convention to be held the weekend of August 3-4-5 on the Range (exact site TBD).

In addition, our next MRHS Board Meeting will be held on April 14.

Clean Team Thank You

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Eric Gust of Brookfield, Wisconsin wearing his appropriate UMD attire inside the firebox of 227 while replacing lights.  More photos in the photo gallery.

Thanks to everyone who helped today at the railroad museum in Duluth. We had 25 participants and were able to clean many exhibits and then enjoy a nice pizza lunch. Nice day to be inside at the museum. Here is a list of those who helped out:

Dan Mackey
Gene Clark
Dave, Laura, Greta, Tessa and Gus Schauer
Woody Wilson
Tim Schandel
James Maki
Jim Miller
Greg Hafften
Bing Mattson
John Royal
Jeff Setterlund
Catherine & Maia Conlan
Steve & Connie Seider
Jeff & Dawn Daehn
Michael Moran
Dave Wood
Eric Gust
Adam Stromquist


Clean Team 2011

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The date for our annual "Clean Team" event this year is Saturday, May 21 from 10-2P at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in downtown Duluth. We plan on cleaning all Missabe-related artifacts as well as work on SD-M 316. Lunch will also be served.


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