MRHS is making selected available archives collection items in the form of CD photo albums, single page reprints on hard paper stock for framing or reprinted booklet bound copies.

The Bruce Meyer Collection - Photo CD “Steam Locomotive Closeups”



The fourth part of the Meyer B&W Negative Collection series focuses on close-ups and detail shots of DM&IR steam locomotives with 460 photos.  The images are presented by wheel arrangement, starting with the lead truck (none, two or four), followed by the driving wheels, then the rear truck (none, two or four) and finally by locomotive number.

The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually.  Photos an be printer out and works on both Mac and Windows.

CD Prepared exclusively for the MRHS by PrairieWorks.

Price: $15.00

1927 Historical Booklets



The MRHS is pleased to announce our newest offering from the archives collection. This spiral-bound book represents a photocopy of two informational booklets produced in 1927 by the D&IR and DM&N. The D&IR booklet represents 62 pages while the DM&N version is 28 pages for a total of 90 pages. Both booklets feature detailed information on history, operations and equipment, plus employee welfare components of each railroad as of 1927. A number of early photographs and maps are also included.  

Price: $20.00

Bruce Meyer CD Volume #3 "The Yards"


The third part of the Meyer Collection series focuses on the Missabe's Yards with 674 photos.  A substantial part of the book is on Proctor Yard, but Duluth, Endion Yard, Two Harbors, Biwabik, Virginia and Mitchell Yard are also visited.  The locomotive types are the 0-8-0 and 0-10-0 switchers, Union, Consolidation, Mikado, Santa Fe, Texas, 2-8-8-2 Mallet, Yellowstone and Pacific.  There are also a few SD-9s, Cabooses and ore cars.
The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually.  The book works in PCs (WIN 2000/XP/VISTA) and Macs.

Price: $15.00

The Bruce Meyer Collection - Photo CD “The Mainlines”

Mikado #1314 & Santa Fe #500 on hillYellowstone #231 south of CulverYellowstone cab ride - Coleraine Junction
The Bruce Meyer Collection - Photo CD “The Mainlines”. This CD contains 212 detailed black and white mainline action photographs from the Missabe Railroad Historical Societies Bruce Meyer Photograph Archive Collection. Mainline Yellowstone action as well as Proctor Hill transfer service and a Yellowstone #228 fan trip highlight this CD. The photos can be viewed either in the self-starting CD photo album book or individually. The book works on Windows (Win 2000/XP/Vista) and Mac OS.
Price: $15.00


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