DMIR SD-M #316

Photo 1: 316 at Night - Photo shoot organized by Max Medlin and Kent Rengo to show off the LSRM Signal Department's new semaphore and the MRHS equipment. Thanks to Kent, Kale McConnell and Scott Parker. Photo by Max Medlin.

Photo 2: 316 Finds a New Home - The LSRM's ex-Missabe SD18 193 picks up SD-M 316 and brings it to the musuem under a nice blanket of fresh snow. Robert Oswald photo 12/7/08.

Photo 3: 316 T-Bird - 316 and 303 lead raw taconite 100 loads south at Iron Junction on 11/17/07. Photo by Dave Schauer.

Photo 4: Photo by Jeff Borne.

Photo 5: NSSR's Duluth to Two Harbors train for Sat. June 13, 2009. Using the DMIR 316 from the Missabe Railroad Historical Society for power. Photo by Doug Buell.

Photo 6: Rolling across Lakewood Rd with 68 mty coal hoppers that are returning to revenue service. Photo by Kent Rengo.

Photo 7: Photo by Doug Buell


Leased to Port Inland 5/06, rtn 10/06. Retired 6/16/08. Donated to MRHS 10/2008. Donated to LSRM in 2014






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DMIR 186